William Wang
CRML Director William Wang

Fortune features CRML and William Wang

January 31, 2020
A Fortune article about the use of AI in marketing features William Wang weighing in on the ethical concerns and potential social benefits of AI-driven communication.

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UCSB's Center for Responsible Machine Learning Announces Distinguished Lecture Series

January 2, 2020
“These will be research-oriented academic lectures that dive into technical discussions about the solutions for the center’s key topics,” said Wang, who has received a DARPA Young Faculty Award from the U.S. Department of Defense, three IBM faculty awards, and multiple research awards from Facebook and Adobe for his work on machine learning and NLP. “Our hope is that these lectures will help increase the depth of research in the center and allow UCSB students and faculty to engage with leaders in the AI community.”

Yu-Xiang Wang speaking at the 2019 Responsible Machine Learning Summit
CRML Co-Director Yu-Xiang Wang speaking at the 2019 Responsible Machine Learning Summit

Leading the Charge

October 30, 2019
Scientists from Intel, Amazon, Facebook and Google joined some of the leading academic minds on artificial intelligence (AI) to discuss the future of machine learning during the inaugural Responsible Machine Learning Summit hosted by UC Santa Barbara.