Arpit Gupta

CRML Affiliated Faculty

Assistant Professor, Computer Science



Professor Gupta's research focuses on the development of self-driving networks, i.e., networks that run themselves with minimal human intervention. To achieve this goal, his research focuses on the design and implementation of systems that operationalize machine learning for network-management tasks, enabling the development of network automation tools that pave the way for self-driving networks. Currently, he is developing a robust packet-processing pipeline that can not only scale deep learning models by making the best use of limited network resources but also efficiently handle traffic dynamics. He is also developing an RL-based system that can detect, diagnose, localize, and fix network issues (e.g., outages) at the last mile (e.g., CMTS, home routers, etc.) as well as core (e.g., packet gateway)---improving the quality of experience for broadband networks.


Arpit Gupta is an assistant professor in the computer science department at UCSB. He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University. He built Sonata, a streaming network telemetry system; and SDX, an Internet routing control system. Both systems are open source and widely used in both industry and academia. Arpit’s work appears at top-tier networking and systems conferences, including ACM SIGCOMM and USENIX NSDI. His work on SDX received the Internet2 Innovation Award, the USENIX NSDI Community Contribution Award, and the ACM SOSR Best Paper Award. His thesis won the honorable mention at ACM SIGCOMM 2019. Arpit completed his master’s degree at NC State University and a bachelor’s degree at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India.