Sarah Rosalena Brady

Sarah Rosalena Brady

CRML Affiliated Faculty

Assistant Professor, Art



My research investigates how programming is forgetting, both as a method and a warning, in artificial intelligence, machine vision, and autonomous systems. My investigations prompt interferences in dominant technological infrastructures that are black-boxed and out of reach for people of color. Bias in computer systems exists because a computer program is written from a particular point of view.  I am interested in reworking hidden female narratives within computer technology and their relation to craft. I am working with LACMA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory to apply new design methods in artificial intelligence and emerging aerospace technologies that speak to climate change, the role of craft in space colonization, and terraforming Mars. 


Sarah Rosalena Brady is the Assistant Professor of Art at the University of California Santa Barbara in Computational Craft and Haptic Media. Her material processes employ machine learning, digital fabrication, robotics, ceramics, and weaving. Her work creates hybrids between binaries and power structures as a multiracial First Nations and Latinx American, Laguna Pueblo and Huichol. She was recently given the LACMA Art + Tech Lab Grant and the Steve Wilson Award from Leonardo, the International Society for Art, Sciences, and Technology. She holds an MFA from the University of California Los Angeles in Design Media Arts. Works have been shown at the deYoung Museum, Ars Electronica, Navel LA, California Nanosystems Institute,  Gray Area Art and Technology, Centro de Cultura Digital (MX), and SOMArts Cultural Center.