Agenda - 2020 Responsible Machine Learning Summit

AI and COVID-19

October 9, 2020
(All times Pacific Time)

9:00 am 



Welcome and Overview

  • Rod C. Alferness (Dean and Richard A. Auhll Professor, College of Engineering at UC Santa Barbara)
  • William Wang (Director, Center for Responsible Machine Learning and Assistant Professor, Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara)
9:10 am

Opening Keynote

  • Semantic Scholar, NLP, and the Fight Against COVID-19 Oren Etzioni (CEO, Allen Institute for AI( AI2) and Professor Emeritus, University of Washington)

Session Chair: William Wang

9:50 am

Contact Tracing

  • Responsibly Encouraging Adoption of Contact Tracing Apps: How Good is Good Enough? Elissa Redmiles (Researcher, Microsoft Research)
  • Machine Learning in Transportation: Learning Mobility Patterns from Big Data Cynthia Chen (Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington)
  • App-Based Contact Tracing: Epidemiological Rationale and Current Perspectives Luca Ferretti (Senior Researcher, Big Data Institute, University of Oxford)
  • Digital Contact Tracing for Pandemic Response: Ethics and Governance Guidance Jeffrey Kahn (Andreas C Dracopoulos Director, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics)

Session Chair: Arpit Gupta (Assistant Professor, Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara)


11:20 am

Panel Discussion: AI and COVID-19

  • Lynn N. Fitzgibbons (Infectious Disease Specialist, Cottage Health, Santa Barbara)
  • Sara Hooker (Researcher, Google Brain)
  • Oliver Morgan (Director, Health Emergency Information and Risk Assessment, WHO Health Emergencies)
  • Andrew Mutz (Chief Technology Officer, Real Estate at AppFolio)
  • Heng Ji (Amazon Scholar and Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Session Chair: Joseph B. Walther (Director, Center for Information Technology and Society and Distinguished Professor, Communication, UC Santa Barbara)

12:30 pm

Health Data Processing and Resources

  • The COVID Information Commons Florence Hudson (Executive Director, Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub at Columbia University)
  • Person-Generated Health Data (PGHD) for COVID19 Monitoring, Management, and Prevention Luca Foschini (Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, Evidation Health)
  • AI and Telehealth: State of the Art in Provider Augmentation John O'Donovan (Senior Director, Machine Learning at Teladoc Health)

Session Chair: Misha Sra (Assistant Professor of Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara)

1:30 pm

Afternoon Keynote

  • Delphi's COVIDcast Project: An Ecosystem for Tracking and Forecasting the Pandemic Ryan Tibshirani (Associate Professor, Statistics and Machine Learning, Carnegie Mellon University)

Session Chair: Yu-Xiang Wang (Co-Director, Center for Responsible Machine Learning and Assistant Professor, Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara)


2:10 pm

Epidemiological Forecasting

  • Achieving State-of-the-Art Performance in COVID-19 Hospitalization Forecasting Xifeng Yan (Professor, Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara)
  • Epidemic Model Guided Machine Learning for COVID-19 Forecasts Quanquan Gu (Assistant Professor, Computer Science, UCLA)

Session Chair: Yu-Xiang Wang


3:00 pm

Prediction, Diagnosis, and Vaccine Design

  • Where Does the Virus Go Inside Human Cells? ML Model of SARS-CoV-2 Localization James Zou (Assistant Professor, Biomedical Data Science, CS, EE, Stanford University)
  • Efficient Algorithms for mRNA Vaccine Design Liang Huang (Distinguished Scientists, Baidu Research USA and Associate Professor of Computer Science, Oregon State University)

Session Chair: Yu-Xiang Wang


3:45 pm

Closing Keynote

  • Trustworthy AI Jeannette M. Wing (Avanessians Director of the Data Science Institute and Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University)

Session Chair: Ambuj Singh (Professor of Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara)


4:30 pm Conclusion


2020 Responsible Machine Learning Summit: AI and COVID-19